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We seek to ensure the safety and well-being of all our retreat guests, retreat leaders and business partners, and therefore limit the number of guests at all our retreats to help ensure everyone has a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience.

Our approach is to invite you as our retreat guests to reflect, reset and restart, through your participation in our Sattva retreat experiences helping you to unveil your inherent potential.

Designed to regenerate your body and mind, Sattva’s carefully curated luminous Yoga and Wellness havens, nestled around the world, are based on research that suggests we can fundamentally transform our physical and emotional health through our daily habits.

The experience aims to create a cognitive shift at a pace that works for your choice of life-journey. 

During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to explore, immersing yourself in the transformative power of nature.

If you wish, mindfulness practices can be interwoven throughout your day as you partake in carefully curated wellness activities (if you wish), alternatively, you can simply retreat from the world and take time for yourself. 

Our retreats are a refined experience, each with their own “personality”, where many aspects of natural health are addressed.  Expect your body to become lean, strong, and flexible, as your mind becomes calm, clear, and present.

You are simply required to show up, be present, and allow the experience and unfolding path to unveil your unfettered inherent potential.

Guests are supported by our team of professional teachers who assure your safety and enjoyment.  Our teachers frequently report feedback from guests, noting a sense of improved mood, sharper thinking, better sleep, lower blood pressure, an improved direction in life, prolonged weight-loss, and even the lifting of depression. 

Our professional team is the magic ingredient that makes your Sattva experience unique. We are a select group of guides, athletes, and educators.  We also share a common interest in the art of living exceptionally well. 

Led by the Davies family, the team seeks to share their collective wisdom through playful and adventurous experience. 

  • Sattva:
    Sattva is one of the three gunas (virtues/attributes) in Hindu and Samkhya philosophy. The word means "light," "goodness" and "purity" in Sanskrit.
  • Curated:
    All our retreat venues are visited by us before we take you there, this ensures our retreats work in harmony with our ethos and our ability to provide only world-class facilities.
  • Luminous:
    Do the retreats allow you to see the light in this world, or do you become the light that brings mindful peace to your life journey?
  • Retreat:
    Sometimes the need to withdraw from the world allows you to see it from a different perspective. 

Our retreats are underpinned by the fundamentals of helping individuals discover light in this life through meditation, pranayama, asana & scripture.

We cannot wait to share with you what we have found. 

Love and light. 

Blair, Christine & Donald.